Winter Apartment Decor: Create Your Own Après-Ski Lodge

After a wonderful weekend of skiing, the desire to bring the ski lodge home with you may be overwhelming. That may be easier than you think! With a little imagination, and a few accents, your apartment can be as cozy as the lodge. Think soft, warm and fuzzy, with a touch of vintage and a sporty attitude.

  • Starting with the living room, add matching pillows and throws of fleece, faux fur or knitted fabrics. Add a splash of color with Pendleton plaids.
  • The art on the wall should reflect the theme of a mountain resort. Alternatively, you can hang skis and skiing equipment to create visual interest.
  • As you address the bedrooms, consider quilts or comforters with rustic appeal. Add wooden accessories and candles to extend the cabin feel to the bedroom. Colorful rugs contribute to the cozy appearance.
  • Moving to the bathroom, match fluffy towels to bathroom rugs in colors of dark brown. Hang thick, soft bathrobes on hooks for easy access.
  • Winter apartment decor is perfect for entertaining friends. Stock the kitchen with hot chocolate, good brandy and plenty of mugs.

If you are feeling inspired to decorate a new apartment home, contact us today for a tour.

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