Why You Should Never Leave Your Trash Bag By Your Door

We’re all human, and that means that we all make mistakes. Sometimes, however, it can be good to stop a bad habit before it starts. Leaving a full trash bag by the door is a surefire way to upset your neighbors. Here are some apartment cleaning tips on why you should not leave your trash bag by your door.

There are many obvious reasons why this is a bad idea. Leaving trash lying around, especially close to others, is offensive to the senses. On a hot day, garbage can really stink, and if you’re leaving your garbage for all to smell, you are not going to be making friends with your neighbors.

Another important thing to keep in mind is wild animals. Raccoons and other nocturnal creatures love hunting through trash. Leaving a bag of trash outside your front door is inviting animals to come, rip open the bag, and cover the area with a layer of your garbage. This can result in fines, as most apartment communities have strict clauses in their leases about leaving trash outdoors.

Aside from the smell and the animals, there are serious health risks for leaving trash outside. Bacteria can grow rampantly on trash, and if its outside, that bacteria can easily get airborne. While adults are not always susceptible to this, many small children and elderly individuals can be harmed. Think of others, and make sure that you dispose of your trash in the proper way.

Being a good neighbor is important. Doing the right thing shows that you are a caring and courteous individual. In turn, this will make you lots of friends and keep apartment management happy with you as a tenant as well.

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