Ways to Keep Your Pets Cool and Comfy This Summer in Your Marquette Apartment

The summer might be hot for humans, but it can be even more uncomfortable for our pets. Due to their furry little bodies, heat tends to affect dogs and cats in a more intense way than it does people. Luckily, there are many ways of keeping pets cool this season. Here are a few ways to keep your pets cool and comfy this summer at your Marquette apartment.

Humidity is one of the biggest things to watch out for in the warmer months. A dog will pant as a way of cooling down his body, but the higher the humidity levels, the harder it is for your pup to get cool. On days where the humidity is high, try to keep your dog indoors. Take him out for a short amount of time, for a walk or to do his business, but don’t linger for too long.

Exercise is always important, but on a particularly hot day it should be limited. Don’t overextend your pet, and try to keep the exercise to a minimum so they don’t overheat. When you are outside, make sure that there is a shaded spot nearby that can be utilized to get out of the sun.

Keeping pets cool can be as simple as staying hydrated. Water is crucial for all living things, and when the weather is hot and we sweat more, we need to replenish our fluids more frequently. Make sure your pet’s water dish is always full, and when you take a trip outdoors with your pet be sure and bring lots of drinking water.

A cool bath can also be a nice way to lower body temperatures in your pets. Some animals hate baths, so don’t force this one on your cat.

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