Ways to Keep Your Apartment Clean with a New Pet

Mop and King Charles Spaniel in a kitchen

Balancing work, family, and life in general with a new pet can be challenging. Despite this, adoption rates are at an all-time high. Many people have taken the plunge and found out how much a new pet can improve their quality of life. Here are several tips to help you minimize the work of a new pet while maximizing their quality of life.


Everyone hates doing chores, and cleaning up after animals is no different. Dedicating five minutes a day to tidying up is a much less daunting task than a weekly deep-clean. Time these “micro” chores to feeding or other daily animal maintenance that is fun. Your new pet will learn to remind you of chore time. It’s the same reason Pavlov’s dogs salivated when the bell rang in the famous experiment. And don’t feel pressured to do more than five minutes of cleaning per day.

For example, with food and water bowls, simply rinse them before feeding time. This reduces mold and mildew build-up and promotes dental health in both dogs and cats. Alternate days with vacuuming or dusting a single surface — couch, windowsill, or kitchen floor — where pet hair is likely to build up.

Invest In the Right Equipment

Pet hair and oils can build up in your apartment, and they’re tricky to brush away.  Many low-cost products can help you keep these under control. A sticky clothes roller, anti-static spray, or wet dryer sheet help keep hair off of clothes. For upholstery or carpeting, specialized vacuum cleaners have static grabbers to collect and trap pet hair. On hard surfaces, two minutes of sweeping with an old-fashioned broom and dustpan is the easiest way to keep the dust bunnies away. Use a grease-busting spray cleaner or vinegar/water mixture to keep walls, counters, and other vertical surfaces clean. 

Keep Your Pet Clean

Routine grooming and bathing are essential. If you’ve adopted a large, lovable dog who sheds a lot, be sure to brush them daily. Brushing helps to trap loose hairs before they find their way around your home. It’s essential for both dog and cat health. Ensure your pet has a consistent bathing regimen. D.I.Y. baths are fine, or you may choose to use a groomer. This may change depending on the breed of cat, dog, or other species you’ve adopted. Your local veterinarian is your best source for expert advice. There are also reputable sources online where you can find more information. If your pet is clean, your apartment will stay clean. 

If you’re intimidated at the idea of a new pet (or allergic), plants are a great alternative. While less energetic than animals, plants have numerous health benefits that merit them a place in your home. Check out our blog for how to get started with a simple container garden.

If you and your pet are looking for a perfect apartment, Marquette Management would love to help. Contact us today to find out how we can upgrade your lifestyle.

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