Update Your Amenities For Residents Who Work From Home

In order for a rental property management company to be successful, it is important to be aware of new trends and adapt accordingly. A property management company should always be ready to act on any trends that are impacting business. One top trend that property managers should be aware of is more people are working from home.

More People Are Working From Home Now More Than Ever

More people are giving up that aggravating drive to and from work, and they are working out of their home. According to a 2017 Gallup survey, around 43% of employed Americans spent time working remotely. That represents a 4% increase since 2012. Many employers are shifting their focus towards remote work, and many employees are jumping on the trend.

Due to the rise of people working from home, property managers should be looking towards new amenities that focus on this.

Amenities To Focus On For People Working From Home:

  • Storage Space: Many residents that work from home need extra space to store documents, supplies, and other work-related belongings.
  • Private Office Space: A private office space could be beneficial for those working from home. People prefer to work in a remote area in their home to help free themselves from any possible distractions.
  • Reliable Web Access: A fast and reliable internet access is a necessity for those working from home.

This is just one of the many new trends dealing with property management, and it is crucial to keep up with new trends to help your business grow. For more information on property management, please contact us more information. “The Best place to work, live and invest.”

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