Top Things Every Resident Wants

on a rooftop

Every multifamily community is looking to impress their residents with the newest technology, the friendliest staff, or the best in hospitality. These amenities will be sure to leave your residents coming back for more. Additionally, word will spread through the community like wildfire, giving you the best name in the business. Keep your community up to date with the top five things every resident wants in their community.

Package Lockers

Package lockers bring another level of package security to your residents. Nobody has to worry that their package has been swiped from their doorstep while they were at work, and many package lockers these days offer digital codes to their users, thus eliminating the use of keys altogether. It is truly the way of the future.

24 Hour Amenities

Sure, amenities that close when the front desk staff go home are great for most people, but many others work odd shifts, or have things to do that require them to be out at late hours. With 24 hour amenities, no one is left out, and everyone will feel like their multifamily community is truly their space to relax and unwind.

Rooftop Deck

A rooftop deck is a great way for residents to get to know one another, get together, and host events. They are easy to maintain and provide a great communal space for everyone. There are endless opportunities a rooftop deck can offer, from outdoor movies to communal gardens, barbeques to pet parks. Your residents will make friends and feel more at home than ever on their rooftop deck.

Smart Home Features

With the age of technology upon us, who wouldn’t want a house with smart home features? Residents will be blown away with a house integrated with smart functions. For example, a thermostat with remote AC functions, a kitchen that listens to their requests, or even a house that can play their favorite tunes. Residents will love their smart homes so much, they’ll never want to leave!

The best multifamily communities are always updating themselves. Make sure to consider the top five things every resident wants. To keep your multifamily community standing out from all the others, contact us today for more information on apartment management. Or check out our blog!

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