‘Tis The Season! It’s Time to Spring Clean Your Multifamily Community

cleaning a pool

Moving furniture, scrubbing windows and walls, checking corners for cobwebs – spring cleaning is a long-time tradition according to Country Living Magazine.

Whether one lives in house or apartment, spring cleaning is an important way to make spaces ready for warm weather living. At a multi-family facility, it’s not only important to clean apartments. Bright and clean communal areas attract and retains residents.

Cleaning Common Areas of a Multifamily Community

At Marquette Management Company, we strive to be the best place to work, live, and invest. Spring cleaning entire facilities is one step we can take toward providing a pleasant environment for warm season living. Here are a few areas to consider when tackling your community.

Lobbies and Hallways

Lobbies and hallways are often neglected when cleaning buildings. When spring cleaning, do a thorough sweep, not only of floors, but of ceilings and walls, scanning upper corners and baseboards for cobwebs. Note areas with dingy or peeling paint. Wax floors or clean carpets. Trim unsightly branches from plants, wipe off leaves or apply foliage gloss. Move any excess furniture into storage.  

Laundry rooms

Clean behind and beneath washers and dryers. Check for mold. Clean all walls, paying particular attention to the upper corners. Note any areas that need repair.

Pool and Exercise Areas

Disinfecting is particularly important in these spaces. It should obviously be done on a routine basis, but periodically, every square inch of the surrounding surfaces should be thoroughly treated. Check for safety and contamination issues, like cracks in walls or flooring.

When opening a pool for the season, in addition to basic cleanliness, tasks include removing the cover and clearing debris and water. Check electric controls, water lines, filtration systems. Inspect fences, gates, and barriers for code compliance issues. Make safety a priority. Clean and arrange outdoor furniture. 

Sidewalks, Paths, and Landscaping

Garden and lawn areas need spring cleaning too. Trim overgrown shrubs and hedges at the proper time for each variety. Cut unsightly dead wood and branches. Check sidewalks and paths for cracks and uneven spots.

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