Tips to Help You Find the Best Cat for Your Marquette Apartment

You’ll find several different pet-friendly apartments among our many Marquette Management communities, and if you’re planning on adding a new fluffy addition to your family, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect cat.

Cats are viewed as aloof, unloving, and stand-offish, but that can often be as far from the truth as possible.  Some cats are more affectionate than dogs, cats are extremely intelligent and very hygienic, and they don’t require as much attention as dogs do in order to keep them happy.  Choosing a cat should be done with thought and consideration because healthy and happy indoor cats can live to be 15 years old or more.

When you adopt a cat, get one from a rescue or shelter.  They are typically up-to-date on vaccinations and have likely been spayed or neutered already.  Make sure everyone in your home meets the cat before choosing the right one, and pick one that seems to approve of each of its potential new family members.  If you have small children, it’s best to choose a mature cat who seems to get along with kids.

When you bring your new cat home, set aside a room or area in your apartment that belongs strictly to the cat, with his or her bed, scratching post, toys, and other items there to make the cat feel safe and comfortable.  Spend plenty of time bonding with your new family addition, and be supportive rather than frustrated if your kitten or cat has any accidents at first due to being in unfamiliar surroundings or having anxiety in a new place.

Share your tips for welcoming a new cat into our pet-friendly apartments, and find out more about becoming a Marquette Management community resident by contacting us today.

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