Tips for Property Management Appeal

fall decor

As the summer days wind down, property managers may want to take advantage of the upcoming season to attract more tenants. While the fall and winter seasons are a slower time for bringing in new tenants, there are ways to enhance your property’s appeal to attract more interest. Here are a few ideas to inspire you in the right direction.

Try LED Lighting Strips

Lighting is functional, giving tenants a better way to view what they need to see. It also serves to highlights some of the beautiful parts of the home. You can inexpensively affix LED lighting strips under cupboards to create light for the countertop space. LED lighting strips will light up a stairway in two-floor residences. This type of lighting looks great in bedrooms around the top of the wall where it intersects with the ceiling. Use your imagination, and add some LED lights for a new look.

What About Mirrors?

If you’re working with some residences that are small, or there are areas in the home that are narrow or small, then mirrors are the solution to your problem. Long or wide mirrors have the ability to enlarge a room by reflecting back the image of the room. It’s an optical illusion that can give a small area the boost it needs. Besides, the right mirror can have a look of luxury too.

Don’t Forget the Office

Since prospective tenants will be coming into the main office to discuss rental properties, it’s essential to create an inviting atmosphere. Fall, seasonal decorations can make the office area look attractive. You can place pumpkins, corn, and other fall harvest decorations outside the office to create a festive mood. Additionally, as the weather gets colder, you could offer hot cocoa and coffee in the office waiting area for people. These little touches will enhance your brand image with prospective and current tenants.

Property managers don’t need to spend a substantial amount of time or money to add some appeal in the community. At Marquette Management, we’re happy to provide you with more ideas for managing your property. Get in touch with us today. The best place to work, live and invest!”

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