3 Tips For Maintaining Outdoor Spaces

As an apartment manager, the maintenance of the grounds is just as (if not more!) important as updating the inside of the buildings.  The outside will be the first thing potential residents see, so these areas need to be very appealing to attract and retain residents. For some residents, having an attractive outdoor space is almost as vital as important amenities, such as on-site laundry. Year round, the exterior should appear as vibrant and inviting no matter the season. Here are three tips to ensure your outdoor space is as inviting as it can be.

  1. Keep outdoor furniture and appliances up to date: Every few years, give your outdoor space a face lift. Invest in new grills, a fire pit, or durable, new furniture. If brand new isn’t in your budget, brighten the look of existing furniture and cover any rust spots on metal furniture with paint.
  2.  Add hardscape elements: Including smooth stones, pebbles, and large boulders can add texture and character to your landscape. Hardscape elements are very low maintenance and are attractive to the eye no matter how old they are or what the season is. Stones, as well as sculptures, can withstand the elements while getting better with age.
  3. Incorporate mature landscaping: Well kept bushes and plants are important as they are the first thing potential residents see. There should never be any overgrown or sparse areas. Be sure to update flowers and plants to coordinate with seasonal color palettes.

Contact us today and share your tips on how you maintain an attractive outdoor space.

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