Time Management Tips for Property Managers

time management

Operating a property is a challenging job. From the rental collection to the tenant screening to the maintenance and inspections, there is always plenty of work to do. As a property manager, you need a schedule that makes your job easier. If you feel like you’re often spinning around in circles, then organizing your week with these best practices will help streamline your days.


Some people do their work as it comes in. This often leaves them feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. They don’t have any plan for the week except to take things as they come. Of course, if there’s some looming deadline they have to meet, then they prepare a few days in advance to get it done. However, it’s more time-efficient to take an hour or more once a week for planning. You could do this on Monday morning before you start your day or do it on Friday for the following week.


SEO specialist, Joshua Jarvis, created a scheduling system called the Eisenhower Matrix. This scheduling system helps you get the most important tasks done because at its core is prioritization. The way it works is you take all the tasks you have to do and separate them into these four categories:

Do First

These tasks need to be accomplished right away. During your weekly scheduling session, you’ll write down these ones to be completed for the upcoming week.


Although these jobs are very important, you have time to schedule them for completion. It’s a priority but not an emergency.


You may have many jobs to do, but that doesn’t mean you have to do them all alone. Learn the skill of delegating different tasks to others. There may even be a few tasks that can be completed through automation.

Don’t Do

Some tasks that you do may not be beneficial to the end goal. If you discover that something you’re doing is not contributing to your ROI or aiding in your marketing efforts, then let it go. It is just a drain on your resources.

Now that you have the tools to streamline your week, you can successfully accomplish your goals. At Marquette Management, we keep you on top of the best techniques and tools to manage your property. Get in touch with us today for more information.

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