Why You Should Leverage Referrals to Attract High-Quality Residents

friends referring friends to an apartment

High-quality residents are what everyone in the multi-housing industry is after. These are the residents who pay their rent on time, contribute to a positive community, and take care of their property. They keep turnover costs low and largely avoid delinquent rent. Taking care of your high-quality residents is the first step in creating an […]

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Get Your Multi-Housing Property Ready for Winter

snow in a window

As a good deal of the country is facing frigid temperatures, property managers in the multi-housing community may wonder what steps to take to ensure their community stays secure. Taking steps to winterize will pay off for the residents as well as the property. Here are 5 tips to make sure your multi-housing community is […]

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Encourage Your Residents To Staying Safe and Secure at Home

Safety is a top priority to apartment dwellers today. In fact, security is such a priority that, according to Multifamily Executive Magazine, millennial residents are willing to pay significantly more forĀ apartments equipped with smart locksĀ and other integrated high-tech devices. While new technology is amazing, there are several simple things every resident can do to be […]

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