Why You Should Prioritize Landscaping in Your Community

landscaping in an apartment community

The benefits of landscaping around residences in urban locales are exponential. Landscapes encourage community and give residents a sense of being in a distinct place. In addition to the aesthetic value and curb appeal that they give a property, landscapes with rich vegetation improve the overall quality of life for residents. They also are a […]

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Four Multifamily Trends That Will Attract Millennial Residents


Recent data shows that there are over 90 million millennials currently living in the US and that number is only going to increase. Property developers are quickly recognizing that this growing demographic is changing the real estate market in their favor. With busier lifestyles and the desire for urban living, millennials are often renters by choice. […]

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Landscape Chores For Your Apartment Community

Summer is quickly coming to an end and the glorious autumn season is not far behind. With every change in season comes a new set of clean-up and maintenance chores for your property. While you’re scheduling the leaf clean-up and disposal, use this time to also add more color in the landscape. Fall is the perfect time […]

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