Top Things Every Resident Wants

on a rooftop

Every multifamily community is looking to impress their residents with the newest technology, the friendliest staff, or the best in hospitality. These amenities will be sure to leave your residents coming back for more. Additionally, word will spread through the community like wildfire, giving you the best name in the business. Keep your community up […]

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3 Ways To Build Community & Increase Resident Retention

working at a front desk

Resident retention is one of the most important aspects of leasing. However, retention techniques are often neglected until renewal time. Use these three simple but effective techniques to start the retention process the moment residents arrive at your property. Pick Up The Phone Residents appreciate when they feel they can have open communication with property […]

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How to Meet the Neighbors: Building a Community

When living in an apartment community, you’re in close proximity to your neighbors. Oftentimes, though, we know our neighbors by sight, but we don’t actually “know” them. It’s good to meet new people and build stronger bonds by getting to know those around you. Here are few tips on meeting your neighbors and building a […]

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