The Importance Of Apartment Renewal Rates

The American dream is based on the idea of creating wealth from hard work, and¬†providing your family with every opportunity of education, comfort and success. One way in which we see the general public expressing their needs for stability is quite evident in¬†apartment renewal rates. Every year more people are choosing to remain in the […]

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Arbor Lakes Apartments Wins Best Community At NAA

The NAA Excellence Awards (formerly known as the PARAGON Awards) recently announced Arbor Lakes Apartments in Arlington Heights, Illinois as the recipient of the Best Community, 20+ Years (More than 150 Units) Award. These nationally recognized awards celebrate the professionals in the rental housing industry, as well as the leadership and excellence that is executed […]

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Tips For A Stress-Free Move

Picture of couple moving

Moving can be a very stressful time in our lives. A team member at Marquette Management put together this quick and easy First Steps to Moving Guide to making this big change as effortless as possible. Lists! We recommend making lists for everything, a great way to track your expected expenses and variances in costs […]

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