Strategies for Multifamily Community Managers as More People Shelter-In-Place

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Multifamily communities everywhere are practicing social distancing. In light of recent challenges, the concept of home is more important than ever and maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for residents is key.

Here are some ways to be there for your residents at this time.

Communicate Regularly

Keep an open line of communication. This is probably already a policy in place, but now, in particular, people need to be aware of how things such as paying rent, requesting maintenance, or the cutting of office hours are playing out in the day to day activities.

Help Your Community

Stock up on a few essential supplies. Remembering to keep a close eye on the elderly is also a thing you are presently excellent at, but now you can go the extra mile for them. Organize a group of volunteers to help with errands such as grocery shopping. Also, a friendly check-in call is a great way to let them know you care.

Inspire Them

Spending more time at home means residents have extra time to focus on wellness, hobbies, cooking, and other apartment-friendly tasks. Inspire them with recipes on social media, with blogs highlighting DIY projects, or with a friendly newsletter listing at-home workouts. You can also get them involved on social media and have them post what they’re up to in order to strengthen your community.

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