Stay Connected From the Comfort of Home

Person video chatting with loved ones

While phone calls, video chats, and social media are great tools to keep in touch with friends and family from afar, there are even more innovative ways to connect with long-distance loved ones. Read on to discover some new ideas for staying connected long-distance from the comfort of your own cozy apartment.


For a more personal experience than posting photos on social media, try connecting with loved ones via a digital picture frame. Once the digital frame is connected, you can send photos directly to it (usually via an app or website). The frame’s owner sees an ongoing slideshow of shared photos, and you have a simple way to reach out whenever you want to.


You may be used to using video apps (like Zoom or FaceTime) to have face-to-face conversations with distant loved ones, but have you thought about other ways to use those apps? With a little creativity, you can recreate family traditions online — or start new ones. Consider sending a puzzle to a friend or relative, and buying a copy for yourself. Then set up a few online video chats and work on the puzzle together. Or try it with your family’s favorite board game. Not feeling competitive? Send craft supplies or a craft kit to a friend and get together online to work on a fun project, or get the same cookbook and explore new recipes together. 


Online tools are a lifeline for many people looking to connect from a distance. However, don’t forget about the power of pen and paper. A handwritten note, a card sent for no special occasion, or a thoughtful care package can all bridge distances. They’re great ways to let someone know you care, without any technology. If you’re crafty, consider¬†making your own paper¬†or practicing some special calligraphy to make your note extra special.

After reaching out to loved ones, why not find a new health and exercise routine?

These are just a few of the many ways you can stay in touch with friends and family. All from the comfort of your home. If you’re looking for a new home, contact Marquette Management today.

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