Set an Elegant Table for Thanksgiving in Your Marquette Apartment

On a whim, you volunteered to host Thanksgiving dinner at your apartment, and now you have nine people and a baby coming to your home for the big meal.

With other people cooking, you’ve got the turkey, mashed potatoes, and even cranberry sauce taken care of, so all you need are apartment decorating ideas.

Start with the table first. A beautiful table gives your guests a wonderful welcome and sets the tone for the whole meal. You want something different than your everyday look, so why not step up the elegance factor? Add a charger under basic plates, place the dessert spoon horizontally above the plates, and your guests will think they are dining at the White House.

Other apartment decorating ideas include setting serving from a buffet rather than setting individual places. Don’t just throw the silverware in the center of the table and go.

Here are some to tips to keep you buffet service elegant like an individual table setting:

  • Start with the plates at the beginning of the line next to the main course and the flatware at the end so people don’t have to juggle it.
  • Use this order: hot food, cold food, salad, and bread.
  • Lay out the flatware individually, and stack the napkins so they look pretty.
  • Glasses for drinks go last, or you can set up a separate drink station.

Other things to pay attention to when you are considering apartment decorating ideas are how the plates, table linens, and flatware set the theme. Whether you want a nature-based tone or a high-tea tone, these items should all speak to the tone and match each other.

Finally, don’t forget about the centerpiece. Making your Marquette apartment ready for Thanksgiving guests is easy. Contact us for more information on our beautiful communities.

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