Searching For Your Perfect Home

When looking to lease an apartment in a new community, it is important to identify what you are looking for. This criteria is essential and should be referenced throughout your search. Below is a list of a few general characteristics you may want to consider when viewing a prospective home.

Location – Do you feel comfortable living in this neighborhood? Is it a safe environment for you and your family? Is it a comfortable distance in terms of commuting to and from work or school?

Physical Condition – Does the apartment satisfy your standard of living? Is it the size you are looking for? Consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms as well as storage space, cabinet space and living space – does this meet your needs? Be conscious and active while viewing the space so that managers/owners can address your questions and concerns about the apartment right away.

Cost – Have you considered the cost of living in this community? Review the cost of security deposits, utilities, and rent payments. Is this reasonable for you, financially?

Contract – Does your leasing agreement coincide with your terms of commitment? Whether it is a six month lease, a 12 month lease or established month to month, your leasing contract should be agreed upon before signing. Be sure to read through it carefully and raise any questions, comments or concerns to your property manager prior to signing.

Remember, the initial walk-through of the community is the best time to ask questions. This is your opportunity to gauge the property manager’s attitude towards the community. Promising efficient communication and attentiveness is key for sustaining an enjoyable, communal environment.

Marquette Management is dedicated to providing its residents with the best living experience possible. Please contact us today if you are looking to lease an apartment in a community near you. We are happy to help. The best place to work, live and invest!

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