Refresh Your Apartment This New Year With 2014 Decor Trends

With sophisticated interiors and an amazing landscape, Marquette is your destination for a premier lifestyle. With the New Year only weeks away, now is an ideal time to refresh your place with some new apartment decor trends. It will bring fun and vitality into your home without breaking the bank.

  • A unique way to add dimension into your apartment home is with with East Asian-themed decor. Bold patterns, texture and color can brighten up a room and brings something new.
  • Some decor is timeless. Another trend for spring is Neoclassical style with an edge. Pair classic decor in modern furnishings for a contemporary look. It mixes the past and the present for a striking look.
  • Plan ahead for spring by adding¬†pink accents¬†to your space with furniture or decor. A pop of bright color makes for a great contrast to neutral tones.

These are three trends to consider for your home, and living at Marquette apartment communities, there are many options for interior design. Our communities’ luxury interiors enable you to experiment and find decor that can make a home chic, comfortable and all your own.

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