Prepare for 2018 in the Multi-Housing Industry

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In the multi-housing industry, property managers must be ready to evolve with the trends. Whether it’s upgrading outdoor features to attract more renters or using smart technology in the apartments, successful property managers will have a finger on the pulse of the future. As 2018 approaches, the time to look ahead is now. Just what ways must property managers adapt and evolve to keep up the pace? A recent Property Management Insider article predicted digital trends for 2018. What does this mean for the multi-housing industry? Here are 3 tips for property managers in the upcoming year.

Expand your website with video

Video is the wave of the future. Studies reveal that “50 % of all mobile data traffic is coming from streaming video.” Why is video so attractive? It captivates people’s attention and has the ability to encourage emotional bonding. As customers emotionally bond with brands, those who aren’t using video will be left behind. This means the multi-housing industry can use video to enhance their brand and connect with potential customers. According to the Digital Summit Dallas conference, video will take up about 90 % of content by 2020.

Gain valuable metrics

Property managers will need a measurable way to show how effective their efforts are. Whether it be in marketing, sales, or upgrades, having metrics for each area is important to prove the efforts are bringing results. Google Analytics is one way to see how many visitors your website receives and track conversions. This is important data to have for your end-of-the-year presentation. Social media tracking is another piece of the puzzle to obtain. Using software such as Hootsuite or Hubspot will give you the data you need.

Prepare for AI

Artificial Intelligence is already being used in many homes. From smart security technology to Alexa, the personal assistant, it appears that AI is beginning to make its move into more of society. In the future, AI may be used to assist property managers with more of their routine tasks.


Be prepared for the future trends in multi-housing. Connect with Marquette Management for more tips. The best place to live, work, and invest!


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