Create Your Own Coffee Bar At Home

create your own coffee bar

Coffee lovers know there is nothing like a steaming cup of your favorite brew to perk up your day. It may not be possible, however, to always swing by your coffee shop on the way to work. Now, you can take one of your kitchen’s tidy spaces and turn it into your very own coffee bar. Marquette Management has the perfect apartment, with the perfect kitchen, to create your perfect coffee bar.

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Invigorate your Smellscape with Homemade Candles

making homemade candles

Nothing beats a good candle. They provide a multi-sensory sensation of warmth, light, fragrance, and color. They can transform a bathroom into a spa, or a house into a home. Commercially-bought candles, however, are expensive, temporary, and limited in scents. Making homemade candles is a wonderful way to many any space feel cozy. It’s a surprisingly easy and rewarding process, that will warm any home.

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Three Apps That Boost Productivity

looking at apps to boost productivity and reach goals

Adults spend an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes on their smartphones each day. If we are going to be spending this much time on our devices, we may as well make it productive. Apps make it all the more easy to shop, search for jobs, and potential apartments for rent. Here are three additional apps to download that will make your days even more productive.

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