Three Apps That Boost Productivity

looking at apps to boost productivity and reach goals

Adults spend an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes on their smartphones each day. If we are going to be spending this much time on our devices, we may as well make it productive. Apps make it all the more easy to shop, search for jobs, and potential apartments for rent. Here are three additional apps to download that will make your days even more productive.

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3 Ways to Save Money While Being Environmentally Conscious

making environmentally conscious choices

One of the easiest ways to stay green on a budget is to recycle. While it might seem convenient to toss everything in the trash, having a separate recycling bin will go a long way in reducing your impact on the local landfill. When recycling, make sure to check state law to see if you can return bottles and cans. In some states, stores will return up to 10 cents for used cans.

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