Multifamily Trends That Make Management Easier

a couple with a property manager

You work hard to make life better for your residents. Therefore, why not make your job easier for you?

There are a variety of new amenities and features in the multifamily industry that will make your day-to-day easier, and consequently, the satisfaction of your residents will increase.

Here are a few to consider:

Package Lockers

We’re definitely in the midst of the online ordering revolution and the packages that are being delivered every day can be overwhelming. Residents don’t want their purchases left outside their doors or delivered while they are not home and the space these packages can take up can be a bit intrusive. 

Apartment managers now have the Package Locker solution, and it does appear to be a great one, as found on Multifamily Executive. As reported, multifamily communities experienced an overwhelming increase in package delivery in 2018. It is forecasted to continue to increase not only in volume but also in size. 

As the MFE article suggests, take the time to plan the location, the flexibility of locker sizes, and future adaptations. You and your residents will enjoy the efficiency and organization of package lockers. 

Have Your Heard about Millie?

We’re also in the evolution of advanced-AI technology, and it’s bringing exciting solutions to many industries. Again found on Multifamily Executive, you’re going to love meeting Millie, a solution for our growing industry. 

Who is this Millie? She is “the AI-powered digital assistant,” created by “Zego” to help with the day-to-day interactions between property managers and residents.

While you can only talk with one resident at a time, Millie can talk with them all, and she can help them no matter the time or day.

It’s an exciting time in the multifamily industry. Our goal at Marquette Management is to make our communities the best places to live, work, and invest. Connect with us–we’re always excited to tell you more. 

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