Bring the Classics Back with Maximalism Chic

Bright living room

Maximalism style is popping up all over the internet. This approach to your apartment will have everyone offering to clean out the attic in search of rag rugs, crocheted afghans and watercolors. The aesthetic is comfy and cozy, but with a 21st century edge. Maximalism chic is the perfect way to create a warm atmosphere in your Marquette Management home.

What Is Maximalism Chic?

The style is an antidote to the monochrome, modernist style that was popular for so many years. In defiance of catalog minimalism, maximalism features big splashes of color, bold patterns, and carefully chosen bric-a-brac.


Splashy floral patterns, stripes, and milkmaids perfectly embody the tone. Instead of difficult wallpaper, go with a bold accent wall via paintings or other fun hangings. Another trick is hanging window curtain material. Dig out that framed thrift store painting of a horse in a meadow and make it the centerpiece of your living room with a bright pink frame.


Ideas for the bedroom include quilts and old school dressing tables. Try adding a skirt for fun. Overstuffed furniture will go well in the living room, and if you’re going with dark wood furniture in the dining room, be sure to have contrasting colors elsewhere.

Another fun aspect of maximalism is that it can push you to take a new look at some of the old stuff cluttering up your house. Take a second look at the “junk” you would typically throw away. Just remember that bright colors are key here—ditch avocado green and muted yellows. And remember, have fun! If you never cared for thrift stores before, you’ll be looking at them with a new eye.

So ditch the minimalism, grab a cup of coffee, and take a second look at those doilies and throw pillows you were about to toss. If you’re interested in learning more information, contact us.

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