3 Best Tips for Making Your Apartment Cozy

Person organizing their apartment

Decorating apartments can be a fun way to lean into your creativity. Fortunately, if you know the essential decorating tips, you can create a spectacular and relaxing space you’ll be proud to call home. 

Here are three tips that will help you decorate your Marquette Management apartment into a cozy safe haven.


Before you can even think of making a cozy space, review the lease agreement to know exactly what you are allowed to change. Your apartment space may let you hang things from the walls or even paint it. However, some lease agreements ask you repaint it back to the original before moving out. Finally, make sure whatever you do, it’s safe for you and your environment!


You can make your space welcoming and inviting just by thinking outside the box. Find a colorful, textured rug and hug it. Invest in temporary wallpaper and hang it as an accent. Additionally, you can add hidden pops of color by painting the insides and sides of drawers with a bright color or wallpapering your bookshelf’s back.

If you can paint your room, use a neutral color such as cream, white or grey for walls. Ensure you keep all the things you remove, whether hardware, lighting, or blinds, in a safe place so you can replace them if need be.


Lighting is one of the essential, yet often ignored, parts of sprucing up your space. It affects the appearance of colors, and even the perceived size of your home.

Utilize the light from floor lamps, windows, and tables while avoiding harsh overhead lighting. Furthermore, you can often soften light by covering it with a unique lampshade or hanging a scarf. Mirrors, as well as other reflective surfaces, can create fantastic light sources, perfect for making a cozy space.

At Marquette Management, we offer fantastic apartments for rent with everything a resident needs. We pride ourselves on unique designs that make you and your loved ones feel right at home. Contact us for more information.

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