Make Your Renovation Process an Enjoyable One

As a property owner, you know that renovating your property can be beneficial for current residents and future residents in the long run. From a resident’s perspective, renovations can be noisy, disruptive, and sometimes inconvenient. Here are a few tips we suggest following to keep your residents happy during your current or future projects.

1. Communicate

Residents need to know when renovations will begin and when they are expected to end. A clear timeline will keep them feeling informed throughout the process.  It is essential to make sure your residents know how important they are to you. If they need to move to a new unit, make the appropriate accommodations. Assure them of the improvements being made by letting them know you are committed to upholding their happy and healthy lifestyle. Providing your residents with consistent updates throughout the renovation process will allow them to better adapt to any temporary inconvenience.

2. Keep your door open

Property owners and management should be available to address any concerns or complaints that residents may have. Some concerns or complaints can be resolved with clear communication, as said above. The key to keeping residents happy, even if you are unable to resolve all of their issues, is to personally address each matter. Doing this shows that you are being genuine and understanding about each residents’ situation.

3. Create excitement about the changes

Take this opportunity to plan events to mark milestones during the renovation. Post new floor plans or drawings in community areas, create virtual tours of new units online, or create signs that highlight the new amenities that will be made available to residents. When residents see how the project will benefit them and their living environment, they will be more likely to remain patient during the process.

By building excitement and being upfront with your residents about future projects, property management and owners can make the renovation process a much more enjoyable one!

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