Landscape Chores For Your Apartment Community

Summer is quickly coming to an end and the glorious autumn season is not far behind. With every change in season comes a new set of clean-up and maintenance chores for your property. While you’re scheduling the leaf clean-up and disposal, use this time to also add more color in the landscape.

Fall is the perfect time of year to plant bulbs for beautiful spring blooms, such as tulips and daffodils. Those bare, problem areas in the community landscape where grass won’t grow and trash seems to collect can turn into a beautiful spring garden of bountiful blossoms. Any problem area is a candidate for the garden treatment. No matter the size of the bare spot, surround the area with landscape timbers for the start of your flower bed.

If the area was not previously planted, you may encounter poor soil.  If your grounds maintenance crew is not familiar with this aspect of landscaping, a local landscaping company can easily amend the area with fresh soil that is appropriate for new plantings. If your property has many sparse areas, include the services of a landscape designer who can offer an overall design plan to spruce up and coordinate the landscape on your property.

Layer spring blooming bulbs in your beds for new blooms throughout the spring season. In larger flower beds, add a few shrubs for seasonal color and texture. Draw attention to those already attractive areas of the home by using colorful bushes as a focal point or border.

Protect your new plantings through the winter with a fresh layer of organic mulch. Proper application of mulch gives your property a healthy, well-cared for appeal as potential residents take a look and consider if this will be their new home.

Do you have any tips that would be helpful for others dealing with landscaping issues? Contact us today at Marquette Management and let us know!


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