Keep Your Marquette Dog Safe During Holiday Road Trips

If you are planning on leaving your pet-friendly apartments for a road trip this year, you’ll want to ensure your dog is happy. There are a few road trip tips you can take advantage of so that your pet is safe.

Keep your dog safe as you head out on a road trip this holiday season with these tips:

  • Confine your dog during the trip. A spacious crate will work best for your pet. A dog bouncing around the car can be very distracting and dangerous for you. Provide a safe crate for him to travel in.
  • Make sure you have new and up-to-date tags for your dog’s collar. You’ll also want to get your pet microchipped before you leave. In the event that your dog gets out and runs away, you can be certain he will be returned to your pet-friendly apartment.
  • As you travel, plan your route out carefully. Know about all of the emergency animal clinics along the way if your pet becomes ill. You don’t want to be wasting time searching for a vet during an emergency.
  • Give your dog plenty of safe toys to play with while in the car. This will keep your dog from getting anxious and being noisy. You’ll also want to provide regular water and food breaks for your pup.

You can have a great time this holiday season as you embark on a road trip with your pet. Take advantage of these tips for your pet so that you can have a fun holiday and return to your pet-friendly apartments safely.

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