Inexpensive Apartment Upgrades for Property Managers to Consider

Property managers are always looking for cost-effective ways to upgrade apartments. While it’s important to make updates and provide amenities for your residents, you want to be cost-conscious as well. One trend in the industry that can make a real difference in a home is lighting. It may seem like a small change but it can have a powerful effect. The type of lights you use, where they’re placed, and the style you get can all make a significant difference in the overall effect. However, lights are an important feature in our homes for these three reasons:

Lighting creates an atmosphere

You may not realize just what creates the ambiance when you walk into a place, but lighting plays a big role. Soft lights hanging from chandeliers have a much different feel to them than bright recessed lighting. A room with large windows lets in a lot of natural light, which opens up the room with an airy bright feel. These are things to keep in mind when considering lighting options.

Lighting shows off your best points

Every home has parts of it that are meant to be focal points. Maybe it’s a large painting hanging in the living room or a fireplace in the living room. Proper lighting will highlight those focal points. Poor lighting may diminish the beauty of a room by not highlighting what’s important.

Lighting affects people

Studies show that lighting has a direct impact on people’s health. Lighting with a higher content of blue in it is shown to stimulate the brain making it more difficult to sleep. Other research shows that our emotions are closely linked to lighting. It was discovered that the more intense the lighting was, the more intense people feel. So, the brighter a room is, the more intense they will feel whether it’s negative or positive.

These are all important factors when deciding how to design your lighting layout and what types of lighting to use. As property managers, we want residents to feel content in their home. Lighting can be a relatively inexpensive upgrade that can make a difference in how residents feel. For more information about our homes, contact us today. The best place to live, work, and invest!

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