3 Tips to Create a Fabulous Bathroom

create a bathroom

Everyone loves a fabulously luxurious bathroom.  There is just something about rich textures and unique details in a bathroom that makes an apartment really feel like home.  Here are easy things you can do to create the bathroom of your dreams.


The shower is one of the most integral parts of the bathroom. Showers are much more than a place to get clean, they are places in which to relax, wash the day away, or let the moment sink in. Moreover, it’s easy to take your shower to the next level with just a few simple changes.  First, replace your shower head with one that makes you want to stand in your shower forever.  It’s easy, twist on and twist off kind of thing so as long as you keep the original shower head, it’s an easy way to make being in your shower a little more luxurious.  

Another quick fix is a new shower curtain. Find that perfect shower curtain with a splash of color or an eye-catching pattern to give your bathroom that extra dash of character. You’ll be surprised how sprucing up your shower can take your bathroom, and how you feel about it, to the next level.


Rugs are some of the easiest and least expensive ways to take your bathroom from plain and boring to bright and comfy.  No matter the rug, be it a rag rug or a sheepskin, rugs make any bathroom warm, welcoming, and add just a touch of luxury.  It’s not just the feel of a rug either, rugs can add a splash of color or be a complementary detail that gives your bathroom that little something extra.


Light fixtures are another easy, quick way to create a luxurious bathroom. Whether sleek and sophisticated or more classic in style, light fixtures can add impact. It only takes a little work and you can have new fixtures up in no time.

Everyone loves a fabulous bathroom. Rich textures, bright colors, and unique patterns can change any plain bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing sanctuary.  These three tips aim to help you turn your bathroom into a spa-like experience.  For more information on finding the apartment, and the bathroom, of your dreams, contact us today. 

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