How To Use Online Training For Successful Property Managers

Every property manager, at some point or other, has probably wondered how to trim the budget. Discovering creative ways to save money is important for every person in the business. The Property Management Insider discussed the benefits of using the EasyLMS multifamily learning management system.  EasyLMS is a software tool designed specifically for the multifamily housing industry and boosts your sales training initiatives.

How does the EasyLMS work?

This software contains training materials that focus on topics for property managers. Training for all the various roles property managers play is crucial to their success and thereby the community’s success. The platform is filled with a plethora of educational resources and training programs that allow employees to achieve their performance goals. Furthermore, managers may customize the training materials if or when needed.

The user of EasyLMS will be amazed by how simple the program is to use. Gamification is weaved throughout the platform, thus encouraging users to participate in the training. Badges, points, trophies, and achievement status is displayed on the dashboard allowing employees to see how far they’ve come in the training process.

How does this program benefit the multi-housing industry?


The main goal and benefit of this software is training. Many property managers and leasing agents may be hired on with sales or leasing experience but not in the multi-housing industry. The EasyLMS software provides industry-specific training which is so necessary for their role.


When property managers log into the system, they get a snapshot of where all the employees are on their training journey. It is helpful for the property manager to make sure everyone is making progress and see the areas in which they need additional help.

As competition heats up in the multi-housing industry, having excellent salespeople, lease agents, and property managers are keys to closing the sale and keeping current residents satisfied. With the help of the EasyLMS program, you begin the journey of ensuring employees are equipped to handle the job. At Marquette Management, we enjoy keeping you on top of best practices in the multi-housing industry. Contact us for more information. The best place to live, work, and invest!

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