How to Resolve Conflicts Between Residents

conflict resolution

Much like conflicts in the workplace, disputes between residents in a multifamily dwelling do occur and may wind up becoming a property manager’s responsibility. They can start over small issues and escalate dramatically. In some cases, you will see a series of minor problems snowball into an openly contentious situation. Many conflicts between residents are the result of inconsiderate behavior that can include noisiness or issues with cleanliness. An example is a resident who violates a pet restriction and their animal becomes a nuisance or a danger to their neighbors. Other disputes are much easier to resolve and may be the product of simple misunderstandings.

When faced with such a conflict, follow the steps below:

Listen to Both Parties

Make an effort to find out what caused the dispute and take it seriously. You will want to listen to the resident with the complaint as well as the resident about whom the complaint is being made. Consider arranging a meeting between them and acting as a mediator. If you meet, allow both residents to air their grievances.

Document the Issue

You should carefully record the issues, especially if one resident is acting in an overtly malicious or reckless manner. If you try to resolve the issue with written communication, ensure that copies of your messages and the residents are kept. If possible, record evidence of malicious or reckless behavior. Documentation will be essential if the issue escalates and becomes a legal matter.

Follow Up

Stay in touch with the resident who made the complaint. Check to see if there have been any changes in the situation. Do your best to make them feel happy and valued.

Conflict resolution is a crucial skill for property managers. If you need help with this or any other aspect of property management, contact us at Marquette. Our team can help you manage your apartments and will work with your residents to build harmonious communities.

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