How to Meet the Neighbors: Building a Community

When living in an apartment community, you’re in close proximity to your neighbors. Oftentimes, though, we know our neighbors by sight, but we don’t actually “know” them. It’s good to meet new people and build stronger bonds by getting to know those around you.

Here are few tips on meeting your neighbors and building a greater community:

  • Don’t stay away from common areas. The gym, the pool, and laundry rooms are great places to meet people. Take advantage of these apartment amenities to mingle.
  • Talk to them. Don’t just wave or smile, but actually open a conversation with neighbors and staff.
  • Attend local events and be apart of the community. This is a fantastic way to meet new people and share a common interest.
  • Join some Meetup¬†groups that are geared towards things you are interested in. This way you get to meet new friends that share the same interests as you.

Meeting your neighbors is a good way to develop a comfortable community feel for yourself and to meet some great new friends. Having people in the community that you can relate to will make you feel more at home in your apartment.

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