How To Create Extra Space in Your Home

If you want to expand your living space without adding any square footage, here are three great ways to create extra space in your home.

Go Vertical

If you have a shelf or level area, such as kitchen cabinet tops, those are great places to display things. Additionally, you can use a bookshelf. If your ceilings or cabinets don’t allow for this, go down instead of going up. Look for spaces where you can place one layer of storage containers, such as under beds or sofas.

Put Your Walls to Work

Walls count as storage space too so don’t forget to utilize them. It’s easy to hang either individual hooks or a grouping of hooks that will allow you to hang items, so they aren’t smashed in the closet or strewn about on the floor. Hanging wall hooks also allows you to keep your items, such as purses, keys, and bags in one place, organized, and ready to go at a moment’s notice. They help you to get organized and give you a little extra room, what could be better than that? 

Add Some Shelves

Shelves are a quick and easy way to get organized, give yourself some extra storage, and even flash a little style. Additionally, they don’t have to be complicated, built-in creations. It can be as simple as one shelf in the kitchen to hold your favorite spices, or an extra shelf in the bathroom to put essentials on that don’t seem to fit in the medicine cabinet. Shelves can be hidden in a closet for clothes or put on display to show things off. They are a versatile and fun way to get organized and make your small space feel bigger.

Small spaces can be wonderfully cozy or a tad tight at times. However, now you know how to create extra space in your home. Our tips will help you maximize your space and stay organized. Keep our tips in mind when looking at Marquette Management for great apartments to rent. For more information, contact us today. 

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