High-Impact Ways of Attracting High-Quality Residents

At one point or another, property managers come into contact with residents who have a less than a desirable credit report, missed rent payments, multiple repairs after they move out,  tons of trash left behind. Sounds familiar?

If you’re familiar with any of these issues, then you understand why you need to rent your property to high-quality residents.

Filtering out applicants

If you have no clue who your ideal resident is, then anyone will pass the screening process. Creating an application form with specific questions will help you filter out qualified individuals. Some important qualities of a good resident are adherence to rent agreements, no history of eviction, stable employment, and a clean criminal record. The questions in the application form should go hand in hand with your needs. If you don’t want pets in your property, then include it here.

Repairs and maintenance.

High-quality residents want to move into houses that are in close to perfect conditions. Nothing will sour a potential resident quicker than a myriad of repairs in the kitchen area or any other room in the house. Immediately an old resident moves out, don’t wait till a new one shows up to start repairing your house.

The bottom line is; if you want high-quality clients, your property must stand out in competition.

Here at Marquette Management, we understand that attracting high-quality residents is not enough. Retaining them is. We also understand what a thorough screening process entails. That’s what makes Marquette management the best place to work, live and invest! Contact us and let us relieve you the hassles of the intricate details of managing an apartment.

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