Give Your Pooch a Cozy New Dog Bed for the Colder Months

You love your pooch, and with all of the time he spends sleeping, you’ll want to get him a comfortable place to sleep. You and your dog want to equally enjoy your pet-friendly apartment living, so make your furry friend comfortable with his own bed.

For the fall and winter, purchase your pet a new dog bed. This is a terrific way to make your pooch comfortable and keep your furry pal off your bed.

Here are some pet-friendly apartment living tips to help you choose the right bed for your four-legged friend.

  • Be sure to measure your dog when he is lying down. You then want to add 12 inches to the length so that you can be sure you find the most comfortable, size-appropriate bed possible.
  • Take the size of your dog into consideration when choosing the type of bed. A heavier dog will need a more durable fabric than will a lighter dog. You can choose from many types of fabrics that will suit a dog of any size.
  • For a dog that needs a bit more security, you can get a bolster bed that has a high back. It will make your dog feel more secure when he is sleeping and provide a safe haven for him.
  • Small pups enjoy nesting in their bed; for these types of dogs, a pillow bed might work best. Your pup will love being able to burrow in this comfortable and fluffy bed.

You can find many types of beds to help you and your pooch enjoy your pet-friendly apartment living together. You will be able to find the best bed suited for your dog by following these tips.

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