Get Inspired With These 2020 Interior Design Trends

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While good design is timeless, paying attention to trends is a fantastic source for fresh inspiration. The annual Milan Design Week showcases influential interior designers and provides insight into upcoming decor trends. If you’re thinking about remodeling your apartment community this year, knowing what’s popular is a great start. Here are some 2020 design trends you should consider incorporating into your community’s design.     

Use Natural, Earthy Materials

Several trends in Milan highlighted natural materials that provide both a great look and excellent functionality. Eco-friendly products made from rattan, sisal, cane, and hemp are very durable, while also offering interesting textures and earth tones. Natural fibers are better for the environment, and they have an earthy appeal that can enhance your communal space. Incorporate these sustainable materials using accents, such as decorating the lobby with sisal rugs.

Highlight Terracotta and Marble 

Terracotta is a vibrantly colored clay ceramic that adds a warm feeling to any space. The trend in 2020 is using this material for much more than flower pots or vases. Terracotta is an excellent option for earthy, eco-friendly kitchen tiles in your community apartments.

Milan’s designer showcase also featured plenty of luxurious marble details. This trend is more of a continuation rather than something completely new. It showed that marble remains an upscale material that can truly enhance high-end kitchens and bathrooms.

Create Interesting, Unique Focal Points

The designs showcased in Milan used creative accents and accessories to provide visual interest and make spaces more engaging. Bringing the outside in with oversized, indoor plants was one of the popular focal points. Plants are beautiful, calming, and add a refreshing touch. Large, potted plants would be a welcome feature in communal spaces like hallways.

Another memorable focal point used by many designers was 3D Wall Coverings, which were first seen in the ’70s and are now becoming very popular again. The modern interpretations of this accessory are stylish and unique. Make a statement in your lobby with a framed 3D Wall Print in a striking pattern.

Apartment communities thrive by creating an appealing, comfortable environment. Use these 2020 trends to spark inspiration for making your community a great place to live. At Marquette Management, we provide useful information to help you manage your properties. Contact us for more great tips!

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