Leftovers 101: 4 Unique Ways to Incorporate Beef into Meals

Person cooking beef at home

Instead of tossing leftovers into the trash, consider creative ways to use them in the following day’s meals. Not only will you be eliminating waste, but you will discover fun new recipes to be utilized in the future. If you find yourself with extra beef, here are a few ways to use it up.


Mix in breadcrumbs with your ground beef for dishes like meatloaf, meatballs, and even hamburgers. Some people recommend mixing half-and-half ground beef and bread crumbs. That may work but it may also change the texture a bit too quickly for your taste. Try reducing the breadcrumbs to a quarter cup to three-quarters cup beef and see how that goes. Add more breadcrumbs as you get more used to it.


Grating vegetables like carrots, zucchini, or onions into raw ground beef before you shape your meat adds a good bit of nutrition. Consider three-quarters to a full cup of vegetables for every pound of beef.


Precooked black and pinto beans are fantastic in recipes such as chili and tacos. Brown the beef first and then add in the meat. If you are not a big fan of beans yet try mixing pre-cooked lentils in with the raw ground beef and cook it all together. You can consider one cup of lentils for every pound of beef.


You may be okay with just using less meat instead of using an extender. If that is the case, you can use all kinds of extra herbs and spices to enhance the flavor and make up for the reduction in meat.

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