Enjoy a Greener Vacation From Your Marquette Apartment This Summer

Living a green lifestyle isn’t that complicated in our luxury Marquette apartments, and you have plenty of opportunities to do so on a daily basis.  If you are planning a summer vacation this year and you’d like to make your vacation as green as possible, too, here are a few tips to help make that happen:

  • When visiting destinations where you’ll be protecting your sun with a sun blocking agent or sunscreen, choose products that environmentally friendly so they won’t damage natural and artificial reef habitats.
  • Many airlines are now using fuel efficient and eco-friendly aircraft, so inquire before booking your flight and pick an air carrier that takes steps to be more green in their operations and transportation.
  • Avoid using disposable plastic bottles (at all times, not just on vacation).  Buy your own eco-friendly reusable water bottle and take it along on your vacation.
  • When visiting new destinations with new cuisines, try to eat local and buy from the area’s producers, farmers, and harvesters as much as you can.  Not only will you have the chance to learn more about the region’s culture from those who help shape it and live it every day, but you’ll also be supporting the local economy and community rather than larger or multi-national chains.
  • In your hotel, turn off the lights and A/C when you’re not using them, and use the trash cans in the lobbies rather than in your room, where the plastic can liner will be changed daily if used.  You can also conserve energy and water by reusing your towels and asking for housekeeping service every two or three days instead of every day.

Share your eco-friendly travel tips with us and find out more about our luxury Marquette apartments when you contact us today.

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