Encourage Your Residents To Staying Safe and Secure at Home

Safety is a top priority to apartment dwellers today. In fact, security is such a priority that, according to Multifamily Executive Magazine, millennial residents are willing to pay significantly more for apartments equipped with smart locks and other integrated high-tech devices.

While new technology is amazing, there are several simple things every resident can do to be more safe and secure in your apartment home. Marquette Management Company is a leader in the multifamily industry and encourages all residents to be safe.

Lock doors and windows

An unlocked entry point can be an invitation to danger. Simply locking your doors and windows is one of the most effective safety measures you can take. Make sure to check all windows and doors before leaving your home, and use security bars on sliding doors if they are available.

Check smoke detectors

In the event of a fire, every second count. Check your smoke detectors regularly to make sure they are in good working order, and make sure that all residents and guests in your home know how to get out of the building safely in an emergency.

Install a CO detector

Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, silent killer, but it can be detected before it is too late. If your apartment is not already equipped with a CO detector, install one and test it regularly.

Use fitness equipment properly

Accidents in the gym or at the pool are all too common. Make sure you familiarize yourself with all available fitness equipment before using the gym. If you are embarrassed to ask for personalized instruction, you may be able to find tutorials on specific equipment online. Also, read and follow all posted rules at the pool for your safety.

Be aware of your surroundings

Stay alert when leaving and returning home. Pay attention to your surroundings and keep your eyes up and off your phone. Know who your neighbors are and what cars are usually parked nearby. If something seems amiss, get to safety and call for security.

We want you to be safe and secure in your apartment home. Contact us if you have safety concerns or questions. Marquette Management – the best place to work, live and invest!

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