Elevate Pet-Friendly Living With Effective Pet Policies

pet-friendly apartment

Becoming a pet-friendly community can make your property more attractive on the rental market. You’ll want to ensure that your property management company has the right policies in place to help protect your homes, though. Marquette is a pet-friendly apartment management team that can help you ensure that your community has the right policies in place that are welcoming to renters and their pets. Here are three policies we recommend putting in place right away.

Put Limits on Size and Breeds

One of the ways to protect the homes in your community is to put a restriction on the size of the animals that you’ll allow. This can help prevent damage to the property and ensure pets are the right size for the space available. You may also want to put breed restrictions in place. This can be a safety measure for others within the community. It may also be required by the laws in your area, so be sure to check local regulations.

Make Sure You Get a Pet Deposit

A pet deposit may be one of the most important ways you can protect your properties. While the majority of pet owners are going to be responsible and have animals you are happy to welcome into your community, it’s not always the case. Some pets may end up causing damage to the property that will need to be repaired when their owners move out. At the very least, the property will require deep cleaning to prepare it for the next owners.

Require Pets to Have Up-to-Date Vaccinations

Consider asking pet owners to provide proof that their pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations. Sick animals can cause more destruction to property. Additionally, it can put other animals in the community at risk. That can create many problems for you and your residents, all of which the right vet records help you avoid. Up to date vaccinations are also a sign of a responsible pet owner, which is a good thing for your property.

Want to learn more about how to put the right policies in place for your pet-friendly apartment community? Marquette manages pet-friendly homes across the United States. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about how we can help.

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