Easy & Inexpensive Ways To Make an Apartment Smart

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Running an apartment community well and staying competitive in the modern market means looking for affordable ways to stay on the cutting edge. Energy star efficiency, stainless steel appliances, and sleek up-to-date interior design are only the beginning of what a modern apartment can offer, but it’s also important to stay within your annual improvements budget. This year, smart home developments have created the perfect opportunity to drastically modernize your units with a few small and easy to budget improvements. Here’s how to build basic smart home apartments quickly:

1) Strong Wifi Network

The one thing smart homes rely on most is a wifi network. While they can also function over Bluetooth, this is an inherently shorter signal. Invest in a strong wifi router to use for demonstrations even if residents connect their rented units to their own internet services after moving in.

2) Choose an AI

Before you choose any equipment to install, you’ll need to choose an AI hub to focus on. Smart home gadgets that work with this AI will become available options. Right now, Amazon Alexa is the leading smart home AI, with Google Home as a close second. The more appliances, lights, and mobile apps are compatible with the AI you choose, the better.

3) Smart Bulbs in Every Unit

While smart home appliances and gadgets vary wildly, the one thing they all have in common are the lights. Smart lights can be voice or mobile-app controlled and can change color and brightness on command. Look into energy-efficient 60 Watt bulbs that work with your AI and offer both white and colored light. These screw into normal sockets. If you’re just dipping your toes in, start with replacing only one bulb in the living area, then add as many as you would like!

4) Smart Thermostats

Another hallmark of modern smart homes is the replacement of your standard thermostat with a smart home alternative. These wire right into the same place but can control the heat and AC through the smart home AI. They also come with advanced programmable features. Installing smart thermostats is one of the essential final touches to make your apartment officially complete as a smart home.

5) Video Doorbells

If you’re looking to go the extra mile for your residences, consider adding video doorbells to each unit. They may need an extra power connection but it will allow your residents to answer their door through a mobile device.

Upgrading your apartments into smart homes is super simple and there are now hundreds of ways to do it. For more apartment management tips, tricks, and trends, contact us today!

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