Double Check It: Move-In & Move-Out Tips for Property Managers

cleaning out an empty apartment

Most apartment management jobs require the property manager to wear many hats. From cash-handling to marketing to maintenance, property managers do it all. One of the most important and potentially time-consuming aspects of property management is the cleaning and repair that is necessary between tenants.

Although the ultimate goal in renting is tenant longevity, there will always be times when a unit or property is empty. To complete repairs and deep-cleaning quickly and reduce vacant time, follow this simple checklist.


The first step is to take a thorough tour of the property after it is vacated and assess any damage or major issues. Knowing immediately if there is a large grease stain on the carpet, for instance, will give you time to determine if cleaning alone will be sufficient or if the carpet will need to be replaced.

Using a checklist, like this one described by Multifamily Insiders, with each tenant at move-in and move-out helps keep track of previous damage or repairs.


The next step is to get the necessary repair work completed. Some of the cleaning can be done during this phase as well. If there are no major repairs then cleaning can begin immediately.

Cleaning should include the kitchen and all appliances, the bathroom and all fixtures, mopping floors, washing walls, and vacuuming and shampooing all carpets.


Keep a record of all cleaning and repairs done after a tenant has moved out. Some of these costs may apply to the tenants’ damage or security deposit. Additionally, performing a walkthrough with the next tenant gives a documented snapshot of the state of the property prior to tenancy. This can later be compared to the walkthrough at the end of tenancy.

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