Digital Marketing Trends To Apply To The Multifamily Market

digital marketing

Property managers have begun to embrace a variety of digital marketing strategies to pair the right renters with the right properties. The following are some of the digital trends you can expect to continue. 

Automated Tasks

2020 has brought more automated tasks related to property management than ever before. Payments can be accepted online, appointments to show properties can be scheduled online, and so much more. Jeremy Lawson with Multifamily Executive mentions the rise of chatbots to handle a lot of the questions and concerns that residents typically have after hours. These automated tasks save a lot of time, allowing the property managers to deliver a more meaningful experience and customer service to residents and property owners. 

Virtual Tours

More focus on detailed 360-degree tours will continue to help potential renters make decisions about properties without requiring any of your time. People love the idea of looking at a property for as long as they want, as many times as they want before making a decision on renting. A well-staged virtual tour is absolutely a hot trend when it comes to digital marketing in multifamily property management. 

Online Reviews

More people are paying attention to online reviews through Google, Yelp, and others. Spending time to make sure the online reviews of your properties are high can result in increases in revenue. These excellent reviews will make sure your properties stay rented as well. Once upon a time, no one thought to much of these online reviews, but in 2020, they are highly valuable. 

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