Decorating the Living Room: Pairing Coffee Tables and Rugs

Your living room is the most lived-in room in your home. So when you’re spending loads of time there, you’ll want to do a bit of apartment decorating in your Marquette apartment from time to time.

In any well-decorated living room, chances are you’ll have an area rug and a coffee table that are the focuses of your room.

There’s no need to make selecting them tricky. With a little planning in the apartment decorating stages, you’ll have your choices made with no trouble.

  • Choose one feature of your coffee table and match it to a rug. For instance, look for a rug with the same colors in the table or the same shape as the table.
  • Use can also create contrast using the textures and lines of these pieces. For example, if you have a table with sleek lines and hard edges, pair it with a soft, shaggy rug underneath.
  • The living room rug should be large enough so your major pieces of furniture fit within it (or at least so that the front legs of seating can be placed on the rug), including your coffee table, sofa, and a pair of chairs.
  • For your coffee table, bear its size in mind, too. According to Better Home and Gardens magazine, it should measure one-half to two-thirds the length of your sofa.

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