Creating Brand Awareness For Your Community

Property managers in the multi-housing industry look for ways to keep on top of the competition. As residents move in and out, there is one aspect of your community that needs to remain constant. Your branding image is an important element in your marketing strategy. Just what is branding in the multi-apartment community? Your brand image is what sets you apart from every other community. It is the sum of your company’s personality, values, and culture. Your brand is how your customers perceive you. Without a positive brand image, you have no identity. Here are three ways to increase brand awareness for your residence.

Consistent visuals

Using logos is one way to connect your name with an image that helps people remember who you are. Some companies use particular color schemes on all their marketing materials. This includes their internet content as well as brochures, letterheads, and so on. Including a consistent visual theme provides customers with a point of reference. They instantly remember the name of your place when the logo and/or colors pop up on the web or in printed materials.

Consistent tone

You want the tone of your business to remain constant across all platforms. Whether it be on your web page or in a telephone call, the tone should reflect the company values, culture, and personality. This means defining the company brand to the workers. Is the tone you’re trying to convey supposed to be friendly, modern, classy, or humorous?

Consistent message

If you keep your theme and message to customers the same, then they will consider you reliable. Trustworthiness is a valued trait. The message may be a simple mission statement and can be used on your materials either explicitly or implicitly.

Developing awareness for your brand will help lead new residents to your community. At Marquette Management, we are here to answer your questions about branding. Contact us for more information. The best place to live, work, and invest!

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