3 Community Amenities Residents Will Pay a Premium For

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Having happy renters will not only boost overall satisfaction but produce more revenue. In this day in age, renters expect more than decent apartments. They are also looking for community amenities. Amenities range from business centers to community spaces such as clubhouses. Still, some conveniences are more valuable than others. Pet-Friendly Amenities Americans consider their […]

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Digital Marketing Trends To Apply To The Multifamily Market

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Property managers have begun to embrace a variety of digital marketing strategies to pair the right renters with the right properties. The following are some of the digital trends you can expect to continue.  Automated Tasks 2020 has brought more automated tasks related to property management than ever before. Payments can be accepted online, appointments […]

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5 Ways To Upgrade Your Marketing Strategy Using Tech

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Technological advancements in multifamily marketing not only provides a better user experience, but it simplifies your efforts and can save you money. From first glance to signing the lease, automation smoothly walks prospects through the process. That’s why it’s essential to incorporate the latest technology into a modern multifamily marketing plan. Here’s how: 1. Upgrade […]

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