Bring Spring Into Your Marquette Apartment with Fresh Flowers

Flowers help add coziness, beauty, and a personalized touch to your Marquette apartment. Here are a few apartment decorating tips that will help you bring color to the kitchen and bathroom of your home.

In addition to adding color to your kitchen, container garden herbs can also add flavor to your food. Create an indoor herb garden by placing individual pots of herbs on your windowsill. Alternatively, create a thin wooden planting box, and add seedlings to it. Paint the box to suit the colors in your kitchen, or choose pots of different shapes, sizes, and colors to complement your kitchen’s color palette.

Decorative cut flowers might have a short life span in the kitchen because of the heat and grease from cooking. Go for cheaper seasonal flowers like daffodils in the spring, and change the water they are in regularly. An alternative is to buy dried flowers.

When considering flowers for your bathroom, choose ones that thrive in humidity, like orchids. They will grow well in lower light and make your bathroom smell lovely.

If you have a bathroom that has a high level of natural light, you can also plant cacti. They need to be kept in well-drained soil, but besides that, they are low-maintenance plants, and even if you’re not the best with taking care of plants, you should be able to keep them alive. Cacti come in all shapes and sizes, and many produce magnificent, unusual flowers that will add a splash of color, too.

But if you’re looking for a soil-less solution for the bathroom, Air Plants are the perfect choice.

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