Branding 101 for Multifamily Communities


In a highly competitive multifamily housing industry, it is important to stay relevant by using the most relatable marketing strategies. Priority is placed on highlighting building or apartment features and amenities and letting renters know why they should choose you over others. However, one thing that is often overlooked is branding.

What Is Branding?

To most people, branding often equals a logo, which is just a tiny piece of the whole. Branding concerns your company’s culture and value, what you stand for, what underlines your service, and how you go about it. Are your apartments high-tech, environmental-friendly, spacious, or well-situated? Do you have fun amenities that appeal to a hip crowd?  These qualities can also be the foundation of your brand message, which determines how people see your company, and what feelings and emotions they associate with it. Some companies can sum up their brand in a simple but effective statement.  A famous example is Nike’s ‘Just Do It!’ which is simple, succinct, and totally relatable!

Why Do I Need Branding?

Branding is important for your apartment building because;

  • It can boost your marketing efforts.
  • It gives you a unique and recognizable identity that keeps you on-trend and in vogue.
  • It delivers a relatable message that potential clients can resonate with and encourages them to be invested in your vision.

These reasons and many more are why it is vital to create a multifamily brand that can help you attain and sustain long-term success.

How do I build a Multifamily Brand?

After deciding what makes your company stand out and represents your values, you need to showcase it. Below are a few tips to get you started.

Select the right platforms

A great way to start off building your brand is to let people know about it. Create a website and social media platforms to share your message and tell people about what you stand for. The bulk of potential clients are mostly online and taking your brand message there is an excellent way to be noticed.

Keep it simple

Sometimes keeping things simple is more appealing. A brand message that is too grandiose or packed full of empty promises will lose your audience faster than you can blink. A simple, catchy and easy-to-remember message which focuses tightly on your core vision is enough to put you out there.

Be Yourself

People appreciate and prefer honest businesses.  If you attempt to be what everyone wants rather than what you truly are, you will end up sending out mixed and hollow-sounding messages. Don’t try to be urbane if you prefer a simple lifestyle, or pretend to be tech-savvy when you don’t even know how to operate a computer! Be authentic and communicate your true personality. This will give you a uniqueness that clients will find refreshing.

Be Consistent

A cohesive message will resonate better. Your branding should be consistent across all channels—e-marketing styles, online content on blogs/websites/social media accounts. Even your logos and company colors are important elements of your brand identity. It gives the impression that you are authentic, and that you and your employees know exactly what your brand is. This will also keep your brand memorable and instantly recognizable. 

Be Innovative

Having fresh and innovative approaches to reaching your clients will make you stand out in your community. You can offer exclusive packages like a swimming pool, a customized mobile app for better customer service, a cleaning service for your community, etc. These will build a solid foundation for your brand in your community.

For more advice and tips to help your growth in the multifamily apartment industry, contact us today at Marquette Management. We are a premier management company who look forward to elevating your lifestyle and always giving clients the best place to work, live and invest!

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